Our property guides

These simple to-utilize guides are your vital homemoving tools to guarantee your property transaction – be it purchasing, selling, leasing or renting – remains an anxiety free experience. Separated into nibble size segments, with valuable tips,  and simple to explore areas, you can see a greater amount of information that is significant to you. Hunt Ur Property  – helping you feel comfortable.

Buying guide


From picking the right area and securing a mortgage, to making an offer and getting prepared to move, our Buying guide covers each part to purchase a property

Selling guide


Instructions to best market your property is as key to the offering process as keeping it clean for viewings. Our Selling guide lets you know how to get the most out of your property and guarantee you pull in interested buyers.

Renting guide


Knowing your rights, understanding deposits and keeping up great associations with your proprietor are all vital components of upbeat leasing. Our Renting guide lets you know what’s in market.